Wisconsin Bass Team Trail

Wisconsin Bass Team Trail

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Headed into 2022!

We are excited to get going with the 2022 season! Entry forms are available now here on the website. We will also have two opens this year, the Rod Gaskill Memorial and the Up/Down, which we recently decided to take over. Check them out and let us know if you have any questions!

Welcome to the Wisconsin Bass Team Trail website. We are excited to bring you a great team trail – for those who love to fish

Thank you for checking us out! We hope to see you on our roster this year.

Boat draw results for 2022:

Boat #BoaterNonboater
1Brian Gaber Alex Gaber
2Tom PierceJim Georgeson
3Jay PrzekuratDylan Minch
4Josh KolbeckJeff Kurth
5Keith BretlKash Bretl
6Todd BartishofskiTony Bartishofski
7Andy DassowRobin Pester
8Terry StrasserDenny Strasser
9Adam OlszewskiDan Kinsella
10Chet NetzelBeckie Gaskill
11Kevin RappKevin Brandt
12Steve RadtkeEric Lambert
13Mike FergusonAaron Clark
14Ted BrandlEric Brandl
15Reed RossierDerek Briske
16Opi ThaoJohn Thao
17Cole HoffmanKyle Wells
18Korey KoplitzBrian Modzjerski
19Tom PerkinsBlake Melvin
20Greg KlugBrent Taylor
21Josh KoziczkowskiBrady Kluck
22Justin Yenter 
23Matt HirmanDan Hirman
24Pat KilbeyJustin Borski
25Matt ClarkBrandon Maturano
26Tom DoweTBD
27Matt HusseyMike Hussey
28Kyle MartinsonBrendan Garrigan
29Rick WritzBernie Thompson
30Kevin FassbindBill Wilson
31Chris WithersJohn Bestul
Boat #BoaterNonboater
1Kevin RappKevin Brandt
2Reed RossierDerek Briske
3Matt HirmanDan Hirman
4Josh KolbeckJeff Kurth
5Tom PierceJim Georgeson
6Ted BrandlEric Brandl
7Keith BretlKash Bretl
8Terry StrasserDenny Strasser
9Steve ScofieldTBD
10Korey KoplitzBrian Modzjerski
11Justin YenterLeo Yenter
12Pat KilbeyJustin Borski
13Todd BartishofskiTony Bartishofski
14Josh KoziczkowskiBrady Kluck
15Mike FergusonAaron Clark
16Steve RadtkeEric Lambert
17Cole HoffmanKyle Wells
18Jay PrzekuratDylan Minch
19Brian GaberAlex Gaber
20Opi ThaoJohn Thao
21Chet NetzelBeckie Gaskill
22Andy DassowRobin Pester
23Greg KlugBrent Taylor
24Joshua CookDaniel Cook
25Matt ClarkBrandon Maturano
26Matt HusseyMike Hussey
27Rick WritzBernie Thompson
Boat #BoaterNonboater
1Chet NetzelBeckie Gaskill
2Cole HoffmanKyle Wells
3Todd BartishofskiTony Bartishofski
4Andy DassowRobin Pester
5Tom PierceJim Georgeson
6Korey KoplitzBrian Modzjerski
7Adam OlszewskiDan Kinsella
8Reed RossierDerek Briske
9Jay PrzekuratDylan Minch
10Ted BrandlEric Brandl
11Pat KilbeyJustin Borski
12Steve RadtkeEric Lambert
13Josh KoziczkowskiBrady Kluck
14Terry StrasserDenny Strasser
15Kevin RappKevin Brandt
16Greg KlugBrent Taylor
17Justin YenterLeo Yenter
18Matt HirmanDan Hirman
19Opi ThaoJohn Thao
20Brandon RaikowskiDan Hintz
21Joshua CookDaniel Cook
22Corey PierceAdam Jenner
23Matt ClarkBrandon Maturano
24Tom DoweTBD
25Mike O’ShaughnessyTreyton Becker