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Stevens Point Flowage – May 6, 2023

Our first event of the year will be the Stevens Point Flowage. We will be launching and weighing in at Bukholt Park in Stevens Point. There will be a mandatory pre-tournament meeting at 6:30 a.m. We will take off directly after that (barring any inclement weather, etc.)

Teams not yet registered may register up to one week before the event. We do not accept registrations at the launch ramp. Teams that register from here forward will be placed at the end of the field in the order in which they register. Registration will close when we reach 45 teams.


Prefishing is open until dark on Friday, May 5, 2023. Tournament waters consist of anywhere on the flowage to which teams can reach by boat.

Secret Weight presented by Arbor Vitae Marine

Arbor Vitae Marine is back not only as our presenting sponsor, but also as the sponsor of Secret Weight! If a team weighs in their bag and it matches the Secret Weight, they will win $300. If no one hits the Secret Weight, the team that is closest without going over will receive $150. The other $150 will roll over to our Willow Flowage Event. Must be present to win. If the winning team is not present, the entire $300 will roll over.

Mystery Partner in Memory of Hannah Goman

Do not forget we now have the optional pot for the Mystery Partner in Memory of Hannah Goman. Each team that would like to get in will pay $20. Each team entered will be paired with another random team. The two teams with the highest combined weight will win the entire pot. An extra $50 per pot will be included in the memory of Hannah Goman.

Contingency stickers

The 2023 contingency sticker will get each team into special drawings throughout the year. They are $5 each. They may be placed on your boat, tow rig or both. They will be available at take off of each event for those teams who have yet to purchase one. Proceeds from the stickers go to the championship payout.

Take Off order

Take off order will be as follows with one exception: There will be no Boat 15, as Gabers had to pull out of the event.

1Yeng ThaoJohn Thao
2Keith BretlKash Bretl
3Dylan MinchJake Minch
4Adam OlszewskiDan Kinsella
5Corey KoplitzBrian Modrzezjewski
6Andy DassowTodd Holtman
7Brent TaylorGreg Klug
8Neal WisinskiJames Schnell
9Adam JennerCorey Pierce
10Tom PerkinsBlake Melvin
11Denny StrasserTerry Strasser
12Ted BrandlEric Brandl
13Brady KluckJosh Kozizcowski
14Chet NetzelBeckie Gaskill
15Brian GaberAlex Gaber
16Mike O’ShaughnessyTrenton Becker
17Tom PierceJim Georgeson
18Pat KilbeyJustin Borski
19John BestulChris Withers
20Robin PesterGregg Kizewski
21Matt HirmanDan Hirman
22Steve RadtkeEric Lambert
23Derek BriskeReed Rossier
24Cole HoffmanKyle Wells
25Joshua CookDaniel Cook
26Steve ScofieldMike Weiler
27Kevin RappKevin Brandt
28Dan FirkusEric Fix
29Ron TwardowskiTBD
30Wyatt SyzmanskiChase Kinney
31Jared BenceNick Merckx
32Raffe HulceClaire Hulce
33Chris FlanaganKenny Darton
34Brian HajewskiBryon Eckert

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