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2022 Boat Draw – April 9, 2022

Boat draw will be held at Cruisin’ 1724 in Wausau. Registration will start at 10 a.m. and boat draw will start at noon. One member of each team must be present to draw for their team. Alternatively, teams may elect to have a representative draw for them if neither team member is available. An individual may only draw for ONE TEAM.

Current teams will draw from the first boat numbers as long as they have one member present. For instance if 20 current teams have a representative at the boat draw, they will draw from numbers 1 through 20.

Next to draw will be new teams with a member present. In this example, if there are 10 new teams with members present, they will draw from numbers 21 through 30.

Once all present teams have drawn for an event, we will draw for current teams with out a representative present next, then new teams without a representative presesnt.

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